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Champion Duplex Filters


Champion Duplex Strainers / Filters are excellent for applications where pipelines cannot be shut down for cleaning the filter basket.A Duplex Filter can operate continuously and never has to be shut down for cleaning. Duplex Filter has two Simplex Filters connected by way of a common flow diverter. When one filter gets clogged, the flow can be diverted through another filter.

  • ontinuous Flow
  • Single & Multi basket designs
  • Pressure Equalization Assembly
  • Quick Fit Closures & Cover lift Dav

  • Online Backwash
  • Monel Baskets
  • Applications : Cooling Water Filtration, Industrial Heating & Power Systems, Lubricant Oil Filtration, Marine Applications, Sea Water Filtration and many more.
  • No matter what the application, Champion Duplex Strainers have been engineered to perform to specification year in and year out in the most demanding industrial & commercial applications. If your application is unique and standard products don't work, contact us. We can work with you to custom design and fabricate one that will work.
  • Over last three decades we have engineered Duplex Filters for just about every conceivable application.. Why look anywhere else?

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