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- Mixer Feeder



CHARGER Mixer Feeder Wagons have been designed to work with all kinds of feed and to perform mixing without requiring pre-cutting. CHARGER double auger system provides super easiness to mix completely fibrous or bale materials and all components that should be mixed. Consequently, it becomes quality and homogenous feed.

A homogenous mixture is necessary to completely meet feeding and physiologic needs of your animals.Specially developed angle auger blades provide cutting fibrous feed materials like alfalfa, stem as much as they can mixed in feed.ÇELIKEL double auger system has been developed more to be used the mixing tank with full capacity.A single animal is provided to consume feed as its potential through fast and quality feed distributing system.While you choose ÇELIKEL Mixer Feeder Wagons, you buy a safe, high performance machine that was designed available for your objective.ÇELIKEL produces solutions to meet your needs in best way about decreasing the cost and increasing quality working.

Being nutritiousness of feed that is given to animals and being supreme against to technical and economical aspects is important for a farm to be rivalry.ÇELIKEL designed Mixer feeder wagons with Double auger for more profitable farms through its engineering/developing experience about stock farming and feeding equipments.

  • Charger is high level machıne with private position among the others as a result of intensive search and development studies and long trial periods of Çelikel Mach.
  • Charger has at the highest level quality and production technics control regularly from the beginning as raw material till the complete end of the production. Charger has perfectness for the feed mixer wagons with the yearly innovation and new options for users

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