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Sierra designs and manufactures custom engine dynamometers for vehicles ranging from motorbikes and heavy-duty equipment to tracked vehicles. With custom systems for sale that are flexible enough to meet a range of test specifications and budgets, you can buy chassis dynamometers to match most test cell installations. In addition to custom designs, a range of “standard” pre-designed roller sets are available in a range of sizes and prices.

Driven by our CADET V14 chassis dynamometer system, engine dyno installations cover all certification, research and development requirements for cars, trucks, motorcycles, three-wheelers, off-road vehicles, and treaded vehicles.

  • High accuracy and fast response
  • Excellent repeatability and low maintenance
  • Powerful modular control and automation system
  • Inline & center mount systems
  • Twin and independent roll systems up to 4 axles

  • Research & Development
  • Certification
  • Emissions
  • Mileage Accumulation
  • Climatic
  • NVH
  • EMC

We specialize in cost-effective control and automation system upgrades to existing test stands (from other manufacturers), thereby rejuvenating existing installations and prolonging useful operational life.

Sierra’s range of dynamometers and vehicle robots has been extended to provide a cost-effective solution for testing motorcycles and scooters on a single roll set. We also offer a twin roller version for three-wheelers, quad-bikes and sub-compact city vehicles. For specific high-performance motorcycles, alternative dynamometer options are available upon request.

Sierra has a range of pre-designed roller sets which can be easily integrated into a test cell. Both 48-inch roller independent or twin roller engine dyno systems are available for sale, suitable for emissions or climatic testing. Multiple axles can be combined with wheel base adjustment to allow vehicles with more than one driven axle to be tested. All control is via a standard CADET V14 cabinet which will be configured for a number of operation modes.

Sierra has a standard packaged 750 mm twin roller product, which is shown above. This is suitable for testing cars and small industrial vehicles and is available with either AC of eddy current dynamometer options. Two rollers can be combined with wheel base adjustment to accommodate 4x4 vehicles. Optionally the unit can be specified for temperatures down to -40°C.

You can also buy multiple axle systems with sliding floor systems, which allow safe wheelbase adjustment. For single axle units, you’ll find a number of wheel clamping solutions to clamp the non-driven wheels in place for testing. These generally attach to T-slotted rails mounted in the floor to allow for a range of wheel bases to be accommodated.

A single/double 450mm roller dynamometer is also available for testing motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles or small four-wheeled vehicles. Learn more by viewing our Motorcycle Chassis Dynamometer datasheet.

Sierra specializes in custom solutions to meet whatever needs a customer may have. Customers buy custom-designed dynamometers for the following applications:

  • NVH with specific noise constraints
  • Climatic emissions testing down to -40°C
  • Large tracked vehicle testing
  • Heavy duty multiple driven axle vehicles
  • Hub-mounted dynamometers
  • Additional roller sets to existing dynamometer system
  • Vehicle lifting systems

Sierra provides custom solutions to fit existing site requirements, such as existing pit dimensions or building restrictions. Complete turnkey installation can be offered as necessary.  Each engine dyno is controlled by CADET V14, which offers precision and flexible control.

For the past 20 years, Sierra has carried out control system upgrades on existing chassis dynamometers to allow CADET V14 to offer precision control over an existing system. This allows the entire obsolete control system to be removed, while maintaining the dynamometer hardware. Sierra can interface directly to the existing dynamometer and drive units to take complete control. In addition, the CADET system offers inbuilt hardware protection, which will protect the rig in the event of failure. CADET has dedicated channels that allow cell services such as ventilation and E stop chains to interface with CADET.

Sierra has interfaced and replaced control systems of numerous dynamometers including, but not limited to: AVL, Froude, Horiba and Maha.

Sierra offers a range of integrated system components and products to support the complete operation of a chassis dynamometer facility.

  • TLS – facility management, emissions results calculation and reporting software
  • Drivers Aid
  • Robot Driver
  • Pedal actuators
  • Auto Fuelling / Measurement system
  • Headwind fans to simulate air speeds
  • Wind tunnels
  • Particulate emissions measurement equipment
  • Climatic or NVH test cell fit out
  • Road shells
  • Tire burst detection

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