Model CHC-OXI-MBR - Membrane bioreactor (MBR)



Biological treatment through ultrafiltration membranes (MBR), optionally with nitrogene removal through nitrification-denitrification.


  • Organic matter, suspended solids and ammonia removal.
  • System suitable for reuse wastewater.


  • Technology: membrane bioreactor. Biological treatment with clarify water biomass separation through ultrafiltration membrane by atmospheric pressure.
  • Salher brand, compact, modular, high efficiency, simple installation and easy start.
  • Manufactured in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester (GFRP), certificated by external organism, with strict quality control during manufacture process.
  • Membranes in the ultrafiltration range (pore nominal diameter< 0.1 μm).
  • System suitable for reuse waste water in accordance with the RD1620/2007 norm.
  • Superior treatment performance is achieved due to efficient solid/liquid phase separation.
  • TREATMENT PERFORMANCE: BOD5: 99%; COD: 95%; N-NH4+ : 82%; SST: 99%; FAECAL COLIFORMS: 99.9%.


  • High quality of the effluent. Water quality for reuse in accordance with the RD1620/2007 norm.  Effluent free of virus, bacteria and other pathogens.
  • Reduction of the surface necessary for traditional technologies: 65 – 75%.
  • Elimination of the secondary settling tank and reduction of the biological reactor capacity.
  • The secondary settling tank will be replaced by ultrafiltration membranes. Technology with perfect separation of clarified water and sludge.
  • Elimination of problems linked to the sludge settling.
  • High flexibility of the system to face peak flow and contaminant charges.
  • Odourless. There is no problem of stagnation.
  • Smaller sludge production and higher sludge stabilisation. Increase of sludge age and decrease of mass charges.
  • High degree of automation.


  • MBR.
  • Biological Reactor.
  • Electric panel board + automaton.
  • Installation and start supervision in the national territory (for international consult us).
  • Documentation: plans, manuals, certificates.

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