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Chemical Oxidation Technology


SCO is a patented technology to remediate hydrocarbon and other organic contamination in groundwater and saturated soil. The ISCO technology is an in-situ process utilizing the injection of proprietary liquid chemical formulations through monitoring wells into the contaminated portion of an aquifer. Prior applications of the process have demonstrated immediate reduction in the concentrations of the following constituents: BTEX, MTBE & TPH, Gasoline & Diesel Fuel, Chlorinated Solvents (PCE, TCE, TCA, etc.), Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), Organic Pesticides, Nitro-aromatic Compound, Alcohols (phenols), Mineral Oil Products.

The ISCO process, patented in the United States, has been developed over the last 11 years for the remediation of organic contaminants in groundwater, saturated soil and contamination within the capillary fringe. The technology involves the creation and migration of hydroxyl radicals using Fenton’s reaction. The hydroxyl radicals that are produced degrade organic contamination to carbon dioxide and water. The technology may be used for:

  • Source Control/Removal
  • Augment Existing Technologies
  • Set-up Natural Attenuation
  • SVE/sparging systems
  • Hot Spot Treatment
  • Groundwater pump and treat
  • Accelerated Groundwater Treatment

The ISCO process has the following advantages over other contaminant remediation technologies:

  • Contaminant reduction in weeks to months
  • Able to expedite real estate transfers
  • Mobile in-situ treatment system that has limited disruption to on-site operations
  • Involves the application of environmentally friendly chemicals
  • ISCO reagents applied to 50 mm diameter monitoring wells
  • Applied under buildings and within operational areas
  • Eliminates long-term operation and maintenance costs

The ISCO Process is applied in a three phase program:

  • Bench Test to determine the optimal concentrations of the reagents and the applicability of the process.
  • Pilot scale field application within a source area of contamination to reduce the contaminant concentration and obtain data required to perform a full-scale application.
  • Full-scale remediation of the groundwater plume to reduce or eliminate organic contamination.

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