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Kappler, Inc.

- Model 500 - Chemical Protection Suit



Zytron 500 is top of the class – and the classic responder choice for hazmat and other demanding situations. It's tough, built for mobility, and based on patented technology that created the first material to survive eight full hours against the ASTM F1001 Test Battery with no breakthrough. With that kind of Kappler heritage built into the fabric, it's no wonder that responders around the world trust Z500 garments for ultra-demanding Level A and Level B applications. Available in coveralls and a range of total encapsulating suits.

  • Hazmat response
  •  Chemical handling
  •  Refueling operations
  •  Petro-chemical refinery operations
  •  Hazardous material clean-up and remediation
  •  CWA incineration / remediation / disposal

  • Gas-tight styles for Level A protection include front and rear entry, flat back or expanded back. Zytron 500 fabric also available in splash suits and coveralls.
  •  Hazmat styles include double-taped seams — seams sewn then hot-air taped inside and out.
  •  Large, expanded-view face shield of 40 mil PVC. Hazmat styles include additional 5 mil FEP overlay lens.
  •  Easy-to-reach 48' (122 cm) gas-tight PVC zipper, with double storm flap and hook-and-loop closure.
  •  Two covered one-way exhaust valves.
  •  Attached sock boots with boot flaps for added protection.
  •  Glove system includes field replaceable Butyl gloves. Hazmat styles include film liner glove.
  •  Roomy tapered sleeves and ergonomic garment design allow easy mobility.

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