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Ques Industries, Inc. offers state-of-the-art blending for the production of specialized chemicals that aid in the testing, cleaning, and performance improvements for water treatment systems. We produce specialty chemicals for fuel oil additives, zeolite resin cleaners, descalers, system passifiers, R.O. membrane cleaners, potable water treatment, tracing dyes, and inhibited glycols. We blend custom our own mix of standardized products including internal scale and corrosion, water sludge and dispersant, oxygen scavenging, water return line, water antifoam, cleaning, and descaling chemical treatments for boilers, humidifiers, and cooling towers.

Regardless of the system involved, we take the time to evaluate our customer’s existing treatment methods through an exhaustive assessment program. We strive to understand their equipment performance, analyze energy and maintenance costs, discover potential health issues, highlight aesthetic problems, and help overcome compliance failures. Each formulation is then specifically tailored for their needs; designed to treat various public water, manufacturing, and utility systems. Our blends help prevent discoloration and corrosion, enhance water potability, and remove arsenic or uranium. We offer preventative maintenance programs as needed to help correct a wide range of issues. This includes predictive maintenance modeling and future recommendations for repairs to prevent potential system emergencies. Using this data, we’ll develop custom formulations for virtually any type of treatment. We also provide reverse engineering, water analysis, in-house product testing, and custom GSH compliant SDS/label generation.

Since 1983, our highly trained and experienced chemists have produced custom liquid and dry formulations for the cleaning of various water treatment systems. Our chemical specialty products are used in a broad range of industries including commercial, public utility, manufacturing, food & beverage, high purity water processing, and property management. To learn more about our lineup of specialized chemicals

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