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Ubbink (UK) Ltd.

- Chimney Renovation - Rigid



The PP rigid ducts are suitable for condensing gas and oil boilers with a maximum flue temperature of 120°C. Several terminals are at hand and depending on the model available in black or INOX. Plastic flue pipes expand and shrink as result of temperature variations. It is important that the flue pipe can move up and downwards in the terminal. In general there are two ways of installation: the combustion air is taken from the chimney or it is taken from somewhere else. In that case the chimney is just ventilated.

  • Optimal flexibility combined with maximum robustness
  • Chimney calculations possible on request
  • Lightweight; easy to handle and easy to shorten
  • Plastic materials; less risk of injuries as result of sharp edges
  • No specialist tools needed
  • Transparent material; easy to inspect during installation or with camera after installation
  • Full range of products; inspection parts, adapters, terminals, extensions, bends and more.

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