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Model CN-70 - Chlorine (Free & Total) Test Kit, Color Disc, 100 Tests



Free & Total Chlorine Test Kit, Model CN-70 with Color Disc Method. The most widely used disinfectant for drinking water, chlorine is also important for sanitizing swimming pools, cooling towers, other industrial equipment, and in the treatment of municipal wastewater. Its measurement and control are vital for both safety and economic reasons. Chlorine test kits containing DPD colorimetric reagent are used most often for monitoring potable water, swimming pools, and waste effluent. Powder DPD reacts with chlorine more quickly than tablet-form DPD, giving more accurate results. Powder DPD also has a considerable advantage over orthotolidine, a hazardous substance sometimes used as a chlorine test reagent. Chlorine Test Kits are manufactured by Hach Company to ensure compliance with stringent quality control standards. Approved by some states for potable water. Check with your regulatory agency.

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