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Infrared analyzer for whole grains and powdery products; Applications : Secure your business deals with, the Infraneo. Control the grains quality: Proteins, Moisture, Specific Weight, and more. Principle : This near infrared analyser has been specifically designed for the control of grains upon reception. Compliant with : The Infraneo is certified in France by Agroreso, CGAC, Infranet and Atlantique Analyses.

On this one appliance, you are able to analyse both the whole grain and the powdery products.

By means of the auto control system (SAM), the robust quality and the stability of performance over time is guaranteed.

All the analyses are performed in less than 1 minute, irrespective of the number of parameters measured.

Correctness and homogeneity of the results thanks to an excellent transferability of the calibrations between Infraneo. These calibration are maintened and updated to guarantee accurate and reliable results.

User-friendly :
Selecting the type of grain to be tested via a dropdown menu. Easy export and data management with excel.

By storing more than 100,000 analyses, you can save all your analysis results.

Reduced maintenance :
Operator can change the lamp easily. Remote maintenance connexion from CHOPIN Technologies technicians enables to very quickly solve problems on your device on your demand.

Coupling of the Infraneo with the specific-weight module enables you to complete the results obtained. Since it is fully compatible with the Gestar system, the Infraneo makes it possible to progress your installations to a more complete, fully-automated solution for your on-receipt inspection system.

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