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- Model 57-Inch - High-Performance Corrosion-Resistant Fan



PigTek’s CHORE-TIME® ENDURA® Fan with its 57-inch (1448-mm) diameter and its popular HYFLO® Shutter offers pig producers an industry-leading combination of outstanding performance and strategic material selection. These product features work together to help to maximize overall fan efficiency and durability.

Fan and Shutter Performance

  • All ENDURA Fan components were designed by Chore-Time to maximize overall fan efficiency.

  • Chore-Time's HYFLO® Shutters do not suffer the typical 12-15% loss of efficiency and air speed typical of dirty louver-style shutters, so air speed is maintained throughout production.

  • HYFLO® Shutters improve fan performance by minimizing obstructions during fan operation, delivering more air than traditional louvers with less opportunity for air leakage.

  • A cable attachment helps maximize efficiency by allowing HYFLO Shutter Doors to float left or right together.

  • Flush-mount model lets the fan mount flush with the outside of the barn to eliminate walkway obstructions from the fan.

Exceptional Materials

  • Durable long glass fiber composite shroud and HYFLO® Shutter Doors contain 35% fiberglass for strength.

  • Powder-coated fan drive and support structures

  • Extensive durability testing under both extreme high and extreme low temperatures.


  • Can be installed 60 inches (1524 mm) on center over 56.5-inch (1435-mm) framed openings.

  • For retrofit, will fit over openings for many 48- through 54-inch (1219- through 1372-mm) fans.

  • Black HDPE (high-density polyethylene) cone aids in light control.

  • Select models are capable of variable speed operation.


  • Automatic belt tensioner uses an idler arm and pulley to provide constant belt tension. It is equipped with a zerk fitting to get grease to critical locations.

  • Rugged air-handler bearings are shielded from dust and moisture, self-aligning, prelubricated and include a zerk fitting.

  • Stainless steel fan shaft.

  • Aerodynamic three-wing, heavy-duty stainless steel fan blade.


  • High output capacity
  • Impressive energy efficiency
  • Superior materials

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