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- Wall Mounted Computer



We propose you a wall mounted industrial computer / box dedicated to the analyser (delivered with Windows XP and Vistachrom) - screen, keyboard and mouse not supplied.

  • Wall-mounted box with power supply 210 volts / 50HZ
  • Industrial computer: Type AMD 500Mz 3V3
  • Low-energy board and fan
  • Ethernet connector: 10-100MHz base T
  • Screen connector
  • 5 serial ports compatible with RS232 including one for UPS
  • 1 serial port compatible with RS485
  • 4 USB2 ports
  • WINDOWS XP Pro and Vistachrom
  • Screen , keyboard, mouse not supplied (USB connecteur)

VISTACHROM is a powerful software package (wiever/serviceGC/driver/calcul) used for setting-up the instrument (method) and collecting data under Windows.

Data, chromatograms, integration reports,... are transfered from the monitor to the computer via RS-232 output where they can be displayed on the screen and retreated by VISTACHROM.

The main characteristics of VISTACIIROM are:

  • internal process control,
  • online control of operational mode,
  • method / method batches programming sequence,
  • data acquisition for real traceability and online chromatogram display,
  • time-stamped results
  • chromatography software with reprocessing of the data by batch.
  • data and profile control (retention time / area / amount / concentration, trends),
  • internal and external self diagnostics (status of operation and failures with
  • approximately 50 different error codes).
  • Service GC for maintenance

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