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CIAPONI s.r.l.

- Model 00630 - Main Tube



The main tube is used to connect the pumping unit to the downstream dispenser. It consists in an anti-abrasive pneumatic tube with  premium chemical and physical characteristics, consisting of a substrate in thermoplastic polyester , by a reinforced element consisting of 2 braids, also in polyester, and finally by a coating in black thermoplastic and micro-drilled polyurethane. The polyurethane used for the external coating has a high resistance to abrasion and environmental agents (like sea water, microbacteria, ozone, etc.).

Compliance with standards  SAE J517, sect SAE 100 R7 – EN855 – ISO3949
External diameter  Ø 96 mm
Operating temperature  From – 40°C to + 93°C
Minimum burst pressure at 20°C  ~ 820 bar
Minimum bending radius  25 mm
Weight  60 g/m

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