- Heid Stone Cleaners


Cimbria-Heid stone cleaners or stone removers are used to achieve the elimination of heavy impurities such as stones, metallic particles etc. from the product to be processed. The capacities, depending on the model, vary from 1 to 20 Ton/h. The product is fed by way of a hopper with and adjustable spring con at its skirt to adapt the volume of product to be fed to the table. The tabletop is made of aluminium and its inclination is adjustable between 6º and 15º. The combined effect of the vibratory movement and air flow which can be regulated which is indicated by way of an inbuilt manometer, produces the separation of stones from the product.

The advantages which make Cimbria-Heid stone cleaners unique are the following:

  • Absence of vibrations in the movement of the tabletop which eliminates the civil works cost, increases the life of the machine and allows the installation in upper places.
  • Special design mesh which affords an efficient way for the product and reduces the distance that the stones shall travel to be eliminated.
  • -Air system with negative vacuum which ensures the non-emission of dust and ensures healthy working conditions.
  • Easy to clean aluminum tabletop (even with water) and change which lighten the machine.
  • Open construction with large access doors and inspection window to ensure little maintenance.

Today we can provide you with over 50 references in Spain where we have this type of machines installed.

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