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Circular Clarifier for Removal of Solids



Applications: The ECOSYSTEMS circular clarifiers are suitable for primary and secondary sedimentation. They use the force of gravity for the removal of solids.

General Characteristics

Each unit of clarification consists of a bridge, a peripheral traction group, a central cushion, an electric feeder group, a central diffuser on the affluent, a spiral bottom scraper, skimmer blades for the effluent, a strainer, and a small tank for the foam (upon request).

The rotating bridge is made of two steel beams held in place by transverse elements set at regular distances for its entire length. These ensure the structural integrity.

Railings and grills are standard both to reticular bridges and those with beams.

The bridge is supported at the center of the tank on a column in carbon steel by a central cushion. The vertical tube is inserted into the central column and distributes, by means of a diffusion cylinder, without creating turbulence, the flow entering into the sedimentation tank.

The peripheral traction group consists of a motor and a double stage reducer is mounted on the final trolley of the bridge. The trolley is supported by two interchangeable wheels, one moving and the other towed. The electrical feeder passes through a tube inserted at the bottom of the tank, then through the central column, and finally emerges in a collector with brushes. The superficial skimming blade and an automatic device for foam collection push the foam into a trap so that it can be emptied into a small tank at every turn of the bridge. A balancing blade allows for this.

Technical Description

The span of the bridge is covered by walk-able grids. The bridge has railings made with tube and vertical uprights no taller than 1.5 m. The structure of the bridge is supported by the walls of the tank and by the central column.

The rotating mechanism is activated by an electric motor, completely closed and protected for use in the open. It is connected to a reducer, completely closed and lubricated by oil. The central diffuser is supported by the bridge itself and rotates with it.
The affluent tubing is inserted into the central column and empties inside the central diffuser. The telescopic arms that pull the scraper are connected to the bridge with jointed supports; whereas the bottom scraper is held by wheels with polyurethane covers.

All the electrical components and equipment that requires maintenance are placed above the bridge. The design and the construction respect all the security standards applicable.

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