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- Model MV:200EH - High Level Noise Measurement Microphone



The accurate measurement of noise exposure from firearms has often proved difficult due to the high noise levels generated. In the past you would have needed a very complicated sound level meter and microphone to be able to measure over 140dB. Our new optimus sound level meters can now be fitted with a high level microphone that can measure up to 170dB*2, quickly and simply. Simply swap the normal microphone/preamplifier on the optimus sound level meter for the MV:200EH, calibrate as you would normally and you’re ready to go. All of the standard measurement functions of the optimus are available such as LAeq, LCPeak, LEP,d and 1:1 Octave Bands as well as the VoiceTag Audio Recording.

Measurement Functions

  • The measurement functions available are determined by the sound level meter used.
  • Please refer to the instrument specifications for details of the measurements available and the performance of the instrument.


  • The MV:200EH is a Class 1 ½” Pre-Polarised Electret Condenser
  • High Level Measurement Microphone.
  • When the MV:200EH is used, the instrument performance is to
  • Class 1 of IEC 61672. This is acceptable for compliance with the
  • 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

  • Measurement of noise levels up to 170dBv with Class 1 performance
  • Ideal for Firing Ranges R Gunfire Noise Measurements
  • Compatible with all of the optimus sound level meters*1
  • Automatic calibration adjustment - no manual corrections needed
  • All standard instrument measurement functions available

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