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CIRRUS is the world's most sophisticated optical recycling technology. Offering in flight detection with illuminated reference, as well as over-the-belt detection with reflective reference, CIRRUS™ accurately sorts materials using advanced identification algorithms and precise air jets. CIRRUS is the optical sorter of choice for facilities processing plastics, single stream, e-waste, MSW, C&I, and C&D material. CIRRUS can easily be integrated into existing processing systems. Each unit is tailored to your specific sorting application so no material goes unseen.

  • Increase system capacity
  • Improve your bottom line
  • Recover the highest quality commodities
  • Reduce manual labor & increase safety

  • Extraction of specific plastic, paper, and metal commodities from material stream
  • Removal of RDF contaminants such as PVC
  • Generation of BTU-specific RDF fuels
  • Sorting of plastic resins and colors

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