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When it comes to silage baling, high compaction, reliability, optimal cutting quality and exceptional user-friendliness are the decisive factors. ROLLANT round balers are designed and built for professional use. While we attempt to ensure display of current and accurate data, this listing may not reflect the most recent transactions or may reflect occasional data entry errors. All inventory listed is subject to availability and prior sale. Please consult dealership personnel for details. Prices are quoted for the US only and may not include dealer preparation, transportation, taxes, or other applicable charges. Photographs may be representative only and may vary somewhat from the actual items offered for sale.

  • Innovation and reliability for high performance. - Optimum machine performance is achieved when one module sits perfectly with another. In the ROLLANT family, all modules are ideally matched. Discover the ROLLANT family for yourself.
  • Pickup - Thorough field clearance. Performance from the start: 83' (2.10 m) working width and suspended feeler wheels rake even the widest swaths clean and without any soiling of the fodder.
  • Perfect unity. The combination of double roller crop press and integrated baffle plate ensures an acceleration of crop flow and optimal compaction. This increases the intake capacity again.
  • Feeder system - ROTO CUT – 16 blades for a better and cleaner cut. The CLAAS ROTO CUT system is synonymous with top rate silage quality. Properly chopped silage can be packed more densely in the bale, enhancing lactic acid fermentation.
  • Proven in the field. The 16-blade cutting rotor is geared for maximum throughput. The crop is fed accurately over the knife bed by the helical rotor blades, reaching a cutting frequency of over 8000 chops per minute, creating precision chopping and maximum throughput. The CLAAS stripper design keeps the area between and inside the tine blades clean and thus ensures maximum operating reliability in all grass harvesting conditions.
  • ROTO REVERSE – the built-in reversing unit. The reverser is powered hydraulically and comes into its own in non-stop operation at the output limit. If a blockage occurs, the driver can quickly reverse the rotor from the cab and clear the obstruction. The stripper is protected by a lock that reverses in 90° steps.
  • Bale chamber - Rugged design equals reliability. Silage baling is particularly demanding on the baler. The forage has to be compressed into highly dense packages at top speed. The sixteen steel roller design of the CLAAS baling chamber has proven to be the ideal design for achieving this objective. The ROLLANT system, with its freely rotating steel rollers and profiled surfaces, comes into its own in the damp and rough conditions typical of the silage harvest. The real strength of the CLAAS rollers is concealed inside: up to eight reinforcement plates for absolute reliability.
  • MPS - The new generation. Revised for you - the new MPS (Maximum Pressure System). Due to the bow-shaped layout of the rollers, the bales rotate inside the baling chamber with a minimum of force application. The new MPS achieves higher bale density with less tractor power, as well as perfectly round, highly compacted and storable bales.
  • Tying - Automatic tying - best results every time. Twine or net – ROLLANT gives you the choice. The ROLLATEX net wrapping system saves precious time as bale tying is fully automated and only takes a matter of seconds. The fully adjustable net guidance system allows the net to be applied tightly along the entire width of the bale, and firmly binds the edges as well.
  • Variable number of turns. As different crops require different amounts of wrapping, you can set the number of turns over a wide range according to the task at hand.
  • Economy version. Twine wrapping is the classic method used by many farms. Twine is even cheaper than net. Up to 12 rolls of twine can be stored on the ROLLANT - enough wrapping material for a long working day.
  • Drives - Safely driven. On the ROLLANT, all rollers are driven. This means that even in the driest harvesting conditions, baling will not stop. The highest quality, reinforced roller chains guarantee complete operational safety. Optimal chain tension is guaranteed by self-adjusting, spring-loaded chain adjusters.
  • Lubrication equals smoother running. The drive chains are lubricated automatically. In addition to automatic chain adjustment, automatic lubrication contributes significantly to keeping wear and tear at a minimum. Use rapeseed oil for lubrication and protect the environment.
  • Operation - Everything perfectly under control. ROLLANT 355 RC COMFORT and 355 RC UNIWRAP are equipped with the new CLAAS COMMUNICATOR. With its large display, the clearly laid-out terminal keeps you constantly informed about the machine’s operational status. What is more, you can access any of the five menus at all times and change the main set-up parameters very quickly using only one hand. Functions include binding, open tailgate, eject bales, close tailgate – the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR can manage all these processes.
  • The CLAAS Medium Terminal. Changes of driver and changing harvesting conditions are the norm during harvesting periods. With the CLAAS Medium Terminal (CMT), you can program the baler according to the harvesting conditions prior to use. First, you can use the CMT to set all the main functions. Select the type of tying - net wrap or twine - and set the automatic tying start function to suit your requirements. You also have the option of initiating the tying operation manually, for example if swath is left over. Second, the CMT lets you control, with a very high level of precision, all the operations taking place behind the tractor during the baling and tying processes. Moreover, the terminal provides you with exact information on the number of bales made per day, the total number of bales and the aggregate time in hours.

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