Randall Implements Co., Inc.

- Model 455 RC - Baler

With the market launch of the ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP, CLAAS has introduced a round baler unrivalled in performance and which has everything you need to make your day-to-day operations more productive and more effective than ever before. Its performance and convenience are exemplary.

  • New, reinforced compaction rollers
  • Large-sized, long-life chains
  • ISOBUS control and monitoring via CLAAS COMMUNICATOR
  • Steel-roller rolling chamber with hydraulic MPS PLUS compaction system
  • Wrapping process accelerated by over 30%; just 23 seconds for six layers of film
  • 12 seconds for bale transfer (from opening to closing the tailgate)
  • High-speed wrapping-arm drive up to 36 rpm
  • 83 in (2.1 m) pick-up
  • ROLLANT PRO with lowerable floor
  • Large tires 550/60-22.5
  • Secure transfer of bale by tilting the wrapping table towards the bale chamber
  • 67% pre-stretching for airtight bale wrapping and reduced film consumption
  • Pick-up - Ground tracking via two oscillating pick-up caster guide wheels
  • Hydraulic connection - 2x Single-acting spool valve and open return line
  • Crop feed - Lowerable PRO cutting floor
  • Bale chamber - MPS PLUS
  • Bale chamber - Automatic chain lubrication
  • Bale chamber - Manual central lubrication for baler bearings
  • Bale chamber - Bale ejector
  • Control terminal - CLAAS COMMUNICATOR
  • Tying and Wrapping - Net wrapping
  • Left and right guides for slope compatibility
  • Crop feed - Heavy-duty cutting rotor
  • Control terminal - CLAAS MEDIUM TERMINAL II (CMT II)
  • Additional equipment - ISOBUS connection cable, spotlights (ROLLANT 375 RC UNIWRAP), load sensing

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