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Clamp Precision Filter



Clamp precision filter is a filter; one of the specification models, SUS filter is relatively inexpensive filter; cost cost price easy to use the value of the effective filter water sediment and suspended matter.

Clamp precision filter is a water treatment products introduced this; cheaper to use his appearance pretty price side, the appearance of full stainless steel 304 made​​; head with cartridge, plus the ring center rod to the clamp in the form ; center rod is installed to facilitate filter and fixed; inlet and outlet 1 inch; 1.5 inch; 2 inches, etc. caliber within the wire; the head with a small mouth is used to exhaust; clamp precision filter is a small reverse osmosis the best of the high efficiency filter device; Clamp precision filter 10 inch; 20-inch; 30-inch; 40 inches of various models; to facilitate customers to choose the procurement.

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