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Claro designs and manufactures three proprietary heat exchangers that heat, cool, and recover energy by means of water-to-sludge or sludge-to-sludge energy transfer.

Claro heat exchangers are designed for

  • optimal heat transfer efficiencies
  • small, flexible, or even near-zero footprint arrangements
  • to accomodate poorly screened process liquids without plugging
  • quick and direct access to heat exchanger internals

Let us suggest which technology best meets your application requirements. Our lead designers have 35+ years experience in the innovative design and application of heat exchanger technologies.

Selected features: modular construction; easy to install-even in difficult-to-access areas (ideal for retrofit applications); small and flexible footprints (ideal for reducing new facility infrastructure costs); simple capacity expansion, non-clog design, fully-accessible internals, and more.

Selected features: easy to install; very compact and flexible footprints; non-clog design, fully-accessible internals, and more.

Selected features: Equipped with heat exchanger jackets, Claro Big Bubble Gun Mixers integrate heating into the process tank enabling the elimination of external heat exchangers, associated sludge pumps, and piping. Mixing and heating integrated into a single, high-efficiency system. Especially appropriate for very large heating or cooling requirements.

Claro provides complete heat and energy recovery systems for municipal, industrial, and agricultural applications. We can recover up to 85% of outgoing heat energy from process tanks such as anaerobic digesters with Claro modular tube-in-shell or large gap heat exchangers. Energy cost-savings are immediate and translate into very quick pay-back periods.

In anaerobic digester heat recovery, Claro sludge heat exchangers can also save biogas that would otherwise be used to heat the digester and make it available for other uses such as:

  • heating facility buildings
  • co-generation of electricity with steam turbines, microturbines, or hydrogen fuel cells
  • drying sludge with biogas-fired sludge dryers
  • biogas liquification for use as fuel in vehicles, municipal transit, or other uses
  • providing energy to adjacent industry

Our engineers have developed and implemented heat exchanger technologies for over 35 years. Based on proprietary modular tube-in-shell or large gap heat exchangers, Claro systems are efficient, reliable, non-clog, small- and flexible-footprint, and cost-effective.

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