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- Model CrossFlow - Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinets



CrossFlow series is a high quality crossflow cabinet range for handling non-hazardous materials that require a clean working environment. Examples are pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, pharmacies, hospitals, university laboratories, tissue culture, semiconductor industry, optical industry. CrossFlow series is designed and manufactured in order to achieve a working area that exceeds at least the ISO Class 5 (14644-1), GMP Class A (Annex 1), PIC’s and equivalent standards. A special feature of the CrossFlow series is that a HEPA filter has been fitted over the entire backwall of the workbenches. This prevents blind spots and backflow of contaminated air – the laminar flow can reach the entire working area.

Smart safety functionalities

The HEPA filter covers the entire backwall of the workspace. This results in a laminar air flow over the entire work space. This prevents blind spots and backflow of contaminated air.

Intuitive control panel with alarms and parameters

The CrossFlow has an user-friendly display on which various alarms and parameters are displayed.

Various options & accessories

The available options and accessories make this cabinet suitable for many applications. Moreover, due to the flexibility and expertise of our Engineering department, this cabinet can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Protection grid

One of the options in a CrossFlow cabinet is the possibility to place a so called protection grid. The use of this grid prevents damaging the HEPA-filter with e.g. scalpels, needles, etc.

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