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- Model EF (EuroFlow) - Microbiological Safety Cabinet – Class II (IIA & IIB)



CleanAir EF Series, our top range of high quality Class II Biological Safety Cabinets ensures the highest level of protection for operator, product and environment, minimizing hazards inherent to working with agents assigned to biosafety levels 1, 2 and 3. They are suitable for microbiological research with, for example, bacteria, viruses and allergens. The users are protected by inflow, the products by HEPA-filtered laminar downflow in the working area (30% exhaust, 70% recirculation). HEPA-filtered exhaust air ensures environmental protection. The design meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, ergonomics, ease of use and reliability.

Type EF / B is designed for applications with a high microbiological risk and for toxic applications, such as the preparation of cytotoxic drugs. As an additional safety element, the cabinet is equipped with an additional V-shaped HEPA filters under the worktop. They filter the inflow air and the downflow, protecting the working area against contamination.

Solid & ergonomic design

Flow cabinets are often worked for hours on end, so we pay a lot of attention to ergonomics, is the light good? I: there enough space for the legs? In this way we ensure that the cabinet and employee perform together at their

Advanced safety features

  • Work top with V-shaped air slits provides superior safety by preventing blocking the inflow and contamination from the operator's sleeves.
  • The prefilter prevents dust, dirt and particles to gather in the interior of the cabinet. This maximises the effect of decontamination.

Control panel with alarms uand parameter

The EF series has a user-friendly LCD control panel on which the user can view all relevant functions and alarms at a glance.

Many options & accessories

The EF series comes with numerous options and accessories and can also be adapted to your specific wishes. For example, weighing systems, microscopes or monitors can be built in.

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