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In order to promote environmental protection Pipelife produces and sells the CLEANBOX OIL separator. CLEANBOX OIL separators can be delivered with or without by-passes, automatic closure devices and/or electronic warning systems. After Pipelife's CLEANBOX, your water can be safely discharged into the environment. The CLEANBOX OIL separator features include fast installation, easy maintenance and long lasting performance. The whole range is EN858 tested and CE certified.

Automatic closure device
The automatic closure device effectively closes the system in case too much oil is in the system.

Electronic warning system
Electronic warning systems measure the sludge content, the thickness of the oil level inside the tank and/or the total level of fluids.


The Pipelife Oil Separator system consists of a sludge separator, an oil separator and a sampling shaft. Oil- and sludge-contaminated water first enters the sludge separator. The Pipelife’s patented water distribution system evenly distributes incoming water throughout the tank. Because of its physical characteristics the sludge sinks to the bottom of the tank. The sludge-free water rises towards the outlet of the sludge separator and flows into the second tank.

The water exiting through the second separator is free of oil and sludge and can be safely released into the environment. Oil residue and sludge are easily and quickly removed and further processed by outside waste managing companies.

  • Contaminated water enters the separator. Due to the patented Pipelife water distribution system, the water and oil are evenly distributed. The larger oil drops will rise to the water surface due to their low density.
  • Smaller droplets will coalescence and thus increase in size in the filter, and they will eventually rise to the surface.
  • Water leaving the lower outlet is free from oil.


Easy installation and effective performance make the Pipelife Oil Separator an ideal sustainable solution for every business or domestic site where oil waste is generated or the possibility of oil spills exists.

The Pipelife Oil Separator is available in numerous types and is therefore perfectly suited for smaller business facilities such as petrol stations, garages, and car wash stations, as well as for larger industrial facilities like factories, shipyards, motorways, parking lots and others.

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