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The CleanSwitch regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) from Dürr Megtec delivers simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The two-chamber, single-vessel system delivers 99+% VOC destruction and thermal efficiencies up to 97%. When it comes to VOC abatement and managing hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), the CleanSwitch RTO provides exceptional operating economy. For many applications, the CleanSwitch RTO will run in a self-sustaining mode with no additional fuel required for VOC control, as well as odor control.

  • Proven design - over 300 installations since 2000
  • VOC destruction efficiencies of 99+% to help meet stringent regulatory codes
  • Thermal efficiency up to 97% provides reduced operating fuel costs
  • Single valve - non-contacting, non-wearing, positive sealing via high-pressure air provides trouble-free operation, resulting in low maintenance costs
  • Electric valve drive delivers quiet operation and reliable performance, even in severe climate conditions

The CleanSwitch RTO takes its name from the Dürr Megtec patented switch valve that keeps cleaned air totally separate from dirty process exhaust. The valve utilizes a double-air seal and is the only moving part in the unit. The simple oscillating design promotes uniform air distribution and results in a maintenance-friendly unit. The unique design of the CleanSwitch RTO, along with the switch valve, virtually eliminates pressure spikes, resulting in a smooth flow transition between heat recovery chambers. The innovative design makes the CleanSwitch RTO unit the best solution for pressure-sensitive processes.

Designed to reduce complexity, the CleanSwitch RTO provides cost benefits with its flexible, modular design. Units up to 65,000 SCFM are supplied skid-mounted for fast installation time. These units are 99% factory assembled for a simple and economical installation. A climatecontrolled, skid-mounted control room is included for easy access to controls in any type of weather.

The CleanSwitch Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) provides simplicity and cost effectiveness in a 2-chamber, single-vessel design. For many applications, the CleanSwitch RTO will run in a self-sustaining mode; that is, no additional fuel is required to destroy VOCs and achieve clean air compliance. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Electric valve drive delivers quiet operation and reliable performance even in severe climate conditions
  • Climate-controlled, skid-mounted control room simplifies installation and provides easy access to the controls
  • Smooth valve switching with negligible pressure fluctuation for better energy efficiency
  • Factory pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-tested to provide significant savings of time and money during installation and start-up
  • Media chamber - positive separation of media beds without metal divider walls
  • Ceramic media bake-out for easy removal of organic deposits
  • Cost-effective, engineered ceramic heat exchange media beds with low-pressure drop reduces electrical operating costs
  • Optional secondary heat recovery by air, hot water, thermal oil, steam, electricity generation or adsorption cooling
  • Multiple fuel options include natural gas, propane, butane, fuel oil, and gaseous or liquid bio fuels
  • Optional hot-side bypass system for use in high-solvent load applications

  • Single unit, low capacity: 20,000 to 90,000 SCFM
  • VOC destruction efficiency: 99+%
  • Thermal efficiency: 95% to 97%
  • Autothermal operation: 3-4% LEL

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