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- Confidence in Chemistry (CIC) Process


Our trifecta of expertise and experience in water treatment comes from a passion for formulated chemistry and the Clearbrook Confidence in Chemistry Process, which drives us to exceed our customer water compliance needs. The people of Clearbrook are passionate about understanding the customers problems and delivering formulated chemistry that can improve their water and deliver cost-effective compliance. Our step-by-step CIC Process ™ creates a collaborative consulting environment to deliver a proprietary and superior water treatment solution. Polymers Water Treatment Products: Coagulants, Flocculants, Polyacrylamides ( Anionic – Cationic), Defoamers, Odor Control, Polymers (Clarifiers, DAF’s, De-Watering and Thickening) Metal Precipitants Equipment We offer: Chemical Feed Pumps, LMI, Pulsafeeder, Stenner, Dewatering Belts, Polymer, Feed and Control Systems, Dry Make Down Systems Custom Engineered

  1. Listen and Seek to Understand
  2. Clearly establish and state the problem and opportunity
  3. Collaborate with the customer on their water compliance needs – as well as what has and has not worked
  4. Gain laboratory trial to apply practical formulation chemistries
  5. Inspire Confidence – Exceed Expectations with “Clear as a Brook” solutions.
  6. Collaborate with customer on practical solutions for most effective operational use and overall cost reduction
  7. Gain on-site trial to apply and fine-tune practical proprietary solutions
  8. Implement water treatment program and training
  9. Establish proactive service agreement as well as reactive expectations
  10. Repeats steps 1-2-3 as often as possible


Challenge us with your water needs and we will deliver water compliance results through our CIC Process. Follow the directions on our easy to use pull-down menus and your challenge is underway. With a sample in hand, our CIC Process  will be put in to action. We pay all costs for your samples to be sent our way so you can’t lose. What do you have to gain? How about a better solution, cost savings, peace of mind or all three!

Our Specialty Chemicals Include:

  • Inorganic Coagulants
  • Specialty Cleaners
  • Defoamers
  • Odor Control
  • Flocculants
  • Coagulants
  • Metal Precipitants
  • Dewatering and Thickening

Equipment We Offer:

  • Chemical Feed Pumps
    • LMI
    • Pulsafeeder
    • Stenner
  • Dewatering Belts
  • Filter Fabrics
    • 'Flat Yarn' for Improved Drainage
    • All Weights and Permeability
  • Polymer Feed and Control Systems
    • Emulsion Inversion Systems
    • Dry Make-Down Systems
    • Custom Engineered

Our Consultative Partnership:

  • Clearly Establishes the Problem
  • Collaborates with Customers
  • Establishes Proactive Service Agreements
  • Outlines Reactive Expectations
  • Applies Practical Formulation Chemistries
  • Implements Water Treatment Programs and Training Plans
  • Inspires Confidence and Exceeds Expectations

Water Compliance is the result we deliver across all the industries that we support.
Our customers may run the gamut from industrial laundry to municipal waste, from paper mills to food processors, from mining to industrial manufacturing, but our partnerships remain the same; partnerships that extend to the local community through compliant water.

Every customer’s application is unique and that’s what makes this business so exciting. The water opportunities range widely, the operational environment adds challenges and every solution requires unique formulated chemistry with a bit of ingenuity. While each opportunity may be unique, how we approach it is fundamentally the same. We use our CIC Process™ (Confidence in Chemistry) to foster a consultative partnership with our clients.

Clearbrook was founded on the principle of establishing confidence in the water clarification process and delivering consistent performance and outstanding results. These results are encompassed within a full treatment program that embraces sustainability. The end results are proprietary products that are both operationally cost effective and regulatory compliant.

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