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ClearFox nature – The domestic wastewater treatment plant for up to 16 people – without power requirement! ClearFox® nature is a small sewage treatment plant a home sewage system pre-assembled at the factory and tested according to the European standard 12566-3. The connection size ranges from 1 to 16 residents. The water from the outlet can seep away, be directed into an outlet channel or be recycled into the raw water treatment.

  • Operation without power connection (sufficient incline required)
  • Suitable for underload and overload
  • Durable and biological

In case of sufficient incline, the domestic wastewater treatment plant can operate without power, i.e. without power connection. The home sewage treatment plant works as a biofilm plant with filtration effect – therefore, the biofilter material never needs to be replaced! This tecnology you will not find by any other domestic wastewater treatment.

Domestic Wastewater Treatment
There are many forms of domestic wastewater treatment systems available today. Traditional domestic sewage treatment was in the form of a septic tank. A septic tank is a passive method of treatment with a limited treatment efficiency. A septic tank is basically a settlement tank, with solids being removed.

There is limited biological treatment in a septictank. Many septic tanks fail and cause ponding when poorly constructed soakaways after septic tanks block. Also, many septic tanks were poorly constructed and are not water tight. Sewage needs a certain amount of time in a septic tank for the solids to settle out.

ClearFox® wastewater cleaning and fully biological domestic wastewater treatment plants

Cleaning is done in three stages. The raw wastewater is led into the pre-chamber. The wastewater is sedimented and buffered. Primary sludge will sink to the ground and will reduce its volume by digestion in the absence of air. On the outlet of the pre-chamber, the water is hydraulically restricted and backed up, if required. Independent of hydraulic peaks, the mechanically cleaned wastewater is distributed evenly over the entire day and forwarded to the bioreactor downstream.

Product features:

  • Evens out hydraulic peaks
  • Nurture zones for sludge consumption
  • Plug and Play
  • Biofilm suitable for underload and overload
  • Non energy sewage treatment plant safes money
  • Biofilter material never needs to be replaced
Our packaged systems for domestic wastewater

Watch the video and have a look how easy a fully biological domestic wastewater treatment plant works. The simpler, the more secure. The less the risk of operating costs

Advantages of ClearFox® nature wastewater treatment system at a glance

Learn more about the benefits of our small wastewater treatment plant and click the marked points on the graph.

The Bioreactor of the domestice wastewater plant

The bioreactor consists of a system with aeration elements and sedentary media which are arranged above each other in a certain order. On the surface of the bioreactor, there is a distribution device consisting of compensator and distribution soil. The restriction outlet from the pre-chamber fills the compensator which drains the water in flushes to both onto the distribution soil.

The wastewater will enter the support medium system below and flow from the top to the bottom. On the sedentary medium, bacteria colonises to clean the water. Due to the so-called cascaded plug flow, the water will be entirely cleaned in only one go. At the same time, the secondary produced sludge is reduced in volume and biologically degraded. The remaining amount of solids is led out through the outlet and is far below any legal provisions.

No secondary sedimentation required

Due to this process technology – which is being used for the first time in a home sewage system – a further secondary sedimentation tank (such as in conventional biofilm plants) is not required. The system consisting of support medium is balanced with its filling device concerning catabolism, bio mass distribution and rinsing effect. This is the reason why the support medium does not need to be cleaned or replaced as in bio filter plants, but is effective absolutely without any changes for the lifetime of the plants, if they are operated properly.

Current EPA and Environment Agency regulations often do not permit the installation of a septic tank. By installing a modern sewage treatment plant you can discharge the treated effluent directly into a drain or watercourse. This removes the need for an expensive soakaway.

Modern packaged sewage treatment plants are plug and play units and are very simple to install. They operate on the principal of mixing air with the wastewater. Bacteria then develop naturally and grow in the system. They feed on the organic material in the sewage and the oxygen introduced via the aeration process.

High-performance aeration system

A high-performance aeration system with internal air distribution elements supplies oxygen to the bacteria. Each place in the biology tank is supplied unhindered. There are no dead zones. Due to the high air circulation, a real, completely biological degradation is guaranteed. The wastewater filter elements add a mechanical/physical cleaning effect to this process.

Many old fashioned systems have air pumps running 24 hours a day mixing air with the wastewater as part of the treatment process. Clearfox low energy sewage treatment plants have the lowest running costs on the market. This had been independently verified by extended test periods. If you compare our EN12566-3 certification with any competitor plant you will see this. Our systems are British water approved and SR66 approved for use in Ireland.

We also have a ground breaking system called the ClearFox Nature. This is the only non electric home sewage system on the market that uses no electricity and never requires any replacement parts. Other non electric systems still require replacement parts and maintenance.

If you are building a new house or need a septic tank upgrade, then the Clearfox non electric domestic wastewater treatment plant, or the low energy sewage treatment systems we have represent the most robust, reliable and cost effective solution on the market. Our experts are available to speak to you and give you advice on how to upgrade your septic tank or how to install a domestic wastewater treatment plant as part of your new build project.

The aeration system is delivered as an complete unit. Complicated pipe installations are not required on site. No connection to the roof ventilation (which is often not suitable) is required.

Cost savings by easy installation

Due to its simple structure and the used biofilm technology, the plant is well suited for decentralised operation. The main features are a very stable operation (underload, overload) and enormous cost savings in the long run, due to fewer technical parts and low disposal costs.

Generally, the domestic wastewater treatment plant reaches the required cleaning performance within very short time. Optionally, the support medium can be enriched with enzymes in order to speed up the start-up time.

If the incline is insufficient for operation without power requirement, we offer an energy module incl. a Mini-pump, which lifts the cleaned water to outlet height without maintenance. Alternatively, the mini-pump can be connected to the power grid.

If the cleaned water is used as raw water, a disinfection module can be installed downstream.

By using filter bags in the pre-chamber and composting the filter residue,
conventional sludge disposal is not necessary.

Test of effectiveness according to EN 12566-3 to be used for:

  • Wastewater from households
  • Weekend houses
  • Holiday resorts
  • Mountain huts
  • Tourism industry

  • 1 PE tank 2250 litres, (sludge storage and buffer) individual weight: approx: 120 kg; dimensions lxwxh 1535mm x 1215mm x 1710mm
  • 1 PE tank 2250 litres, (biology reactor) individual weight: approx: 170 kg; dimensions lxwxh 1535mm x 1215mm x 1710mm
  • Required base area: 3.10m x 1.22m
  • Max. inlet depth: 1000mm below area surface
  • Access opening tank: 600mm
  • Plant size: 4 PE (residents)
  • Outlet values: Class C (according to German classification)
Additional options ClearFox nature:
  • Manhole pit extension (attachment tube)
  • Manhole pit extension (extendable manhole pit, also available as drive-in)
  • Pump shaft DN600
  • Sewage handling pump 230V
  • Flotation safeguard (protection against all refloating)

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