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- Model 210 - Oxidized Chlorine Formulation



Clearitas 210 is Formulated for Scale Deposit Control in Cooling Tower Systems for large Volume Users. In conjunction with free Chlorine, Clearitas 210 Significantly reduces [Biological Contamination while Simultaneously Controlling Mineral Scale. The Product is Injected into the make-up and Removes Scales Water, Mineral deposits and algae growth. Clearitas 210 is a fast-acting solution that can be applied with low up-front capital costs and minimal maintenance. With proper application, Clearitas 210 extends the cooling tower system and equipment life, conserves energy and operational costs and improves overall system performance.

Clearitas 201 is an NSF certified cooling tower additive that contains super‐ionized forms of chlorine that more effectively oxidize certain scale and biofilm binding organics present in HVAC cooling water systems. Clearitas 201, when used with a bacterial control program, significantly reduces scale buildup and reformation, resulting in better tower performance.

BENEFITS: Clearitas 201 improves cooling tower/chiller performance by removing and preventing scale formation in the cooling water loop. When used alongside a disinfection program, Clearitas 201 allows for significant improvement in biological control. Clearitas 201 does not change water corrosivity.

APPLICATION: Clearitas 201 is used, in conjunction with traditional disinfectants, in commercial cooling system applications at
dilution rates ranging from 1:2,000 to 1:10,000.

STORAGE: Store Clearitas 201 in opaque containers and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

DISPOSAL: Dispose of unused product on site.

SAFETY: This product is considered nonhazardous to health by the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200).

NSF/ANSI: Standard 60 Certified – Corrosion and Scale Control

WARNING: Handle all Blue Earth Labs™ products according to Safety Data Sheets.

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