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- Model KTR - Multilayer Cartridge



Cleartrak-KTR are very high efficiency filter cartridges for removing extremely fine particles such as bacteria and colloids. This high level of performance is obtained by pleating multiple layers of polypropylene and borosilicate microfibre media to utilise the prefiltration effect of polypropylene and the final retention effect of glass microfibre.  The borosilicate microfibre is an extensively reticulated matrix that develops an electrostatic potential when immersed in acqueous solution thus providing a double filtration effect of both depth retention and surface adsorption. 

All media and components are biologically safe, non media migrating and meet FDA and EEC requirements for food contact.  The thermally bonded construction assures minimal extractables and the resulting structure is particularly rugged to avoid unloading of trapped contaminants even under pulsation or pressure sudden change.

Typical applications for Cleartrak-KTR cartridges are as either a final filter or as a high efficiency prefilter in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food & beverages applications.

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