Cleeve Materials Handling Limited

Cleeve Materials Handling Limited

- Carbon / Lime Injection System


The problem of controlling acid gases and the removal of gaseous heavy metals and dioxins from emissions are typical in flue gas cleaning. The problem is overcome with introduction of Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) and Hydrated Lime into the system. Benefiting from over 40 years experience in the industry, Cleeve relies on expertise in the storage and handling of powders, to design systems, that enables a continuous feed of PAC and Hydrated Lime to be introduced at a high accuracy. The powder feed is controlled by the use of a Gravimetric Dosing Unit. The unit, comprising of a screw feeder and a product agitator mounted on a weigh system, can provide a report to either a centralised computer system or independent panel. This will indicate an instant feed rate and a totalised quantity.

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