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CLF PlantMaster walk-in rooms can be customised for almost every plant growth application. They are designed to optimise every available space from the cellar to the roof. A PlantMaster room ensures a maximum of effective growth area with efficient energy management. The temperature-controlled rooms provide the ideal environment for CLF GroBanks.

The PlantMaster Series offers many different temperature ranges, light intensities, humidity levels, controller types and automatic watering systems. They can be equipped with remote data logging and alarm functions and CO2 systems. This flexibility is the reason why our customers use them for diverse applications like flowering plants of tobacco, Arabidopsis or cereals as well as plant tissue culturing.


...from the first design sketch. We will be happy to share our experience in realising plant growth room projects with you. We will constantly stay in close contact, to ensure that you will get the best walk-in room for your individual application

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