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- Model T-Warner - Climate Monitoring System



T-Warner weather stations are universal devices and provide an early-recognition and warning function; they help to plan, control, and manage complex meteorologically dependent processes. The stations are designed for a variety of different tasks in different climate zones. The T-Warner can be equipped with up to 80 sensors, e.g. sensors for air and soil humidity and temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness, global radiation, etc.

The T-Warner instruments transfer measuring data wireless to a safe internet database. This is a perfect platform for data storage and processing. The user gets passwordsecured access to those data from any internet access point all over the world.

No additional software is needed.The T- Warner system only requires a valid GPRS contract for data transfer and sufficient GSM coverage at the station's position.

The T-Warner station is a versatile, modularbased configuration system and operates completely maintenance-free. It is powered by batteries which are recharged by solar energy. Many different sensors can be combined and connected to the station. The plug-and-play-mode even allows an easy subsequent extension of the station with further sensors.

The basic components of the T-warner station are the rugged, stainless steel mounting unit, the GMS-modem with antenna and a solar panel which is connected to a rechargeable battery.

  • Measurement and documentation of microclimate data
  • Irrigation control and management
  • Crop protection, plant diseases forecasts
  • Frost alert for orchads, potatoes, vineyards
  • Fire alert
  • Temperature monitoring and control in greenhouses
  • Monitoring, documentation and control of light conditions in greenhouses (e.g. shading)
  • Monitoring, control of temperature and humidity in storage rooms

  • Sensors Layout: 3 fixed analogue inputs: wind speed, leaf wetness and rain gauge / 5 digital inputs: automatic sensor recognition, supporting sensor chains (max. 400 sensors)
  • Memory: 8MB flash memory
  • Internet Connectivity: GSMGPRS, EDGE, HDSPA, CDMA, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Satellite
  • Alert: SMS, user configurable via website
  • Measuring interval: 5 min
  • Logging interval: 15 – 120 min (user selectable)
  • Internet contact: user selectable
  • Battery: 6V, 4.5AH, Operating range: -35°C to 80°C
  • Solar panel: 1,4 Watt solar panel / dimensions: 135 × 135 mm
  • Dimensions without sensors: 410 × 130 × 70 mm
  • Weight without sensors: 2.2 kg

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