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Model NP-B - Close Coupled Chemical Pump



Horizontal, end suction, single-stage, centrifugal pump with volute casing and radial Impeller. Casing and fitting dimensions to EN 22858/ ISO 2858, complemented by Size 40-25-125 and 40-25-160 pumps.

The chemical pumps are available in PP, PE-UHMW as well as PVDF.

Pump capacity: up to 110 m³/h
Total differential head: up to 70 m
Operating temperature [t]: -20°C up to +110 °C
Operating pressure [p]: up to 10 bar
Diameter of discharge nozzle: DN 25 up to DN 65
Motor sizes up to ICE motor size: up to 132

The NP-B pump series is excellently suited to pumping tasks in the chemical industry, electroplating plants, metallurgical industries, steel and stainless steel pickling lines, evaporation and regeneration units, wet flue gas cleaning systems downstream of waste incinerators as well as in exhaust air scrubbing and industrial waste water treatment.


Horizontal centrifugal pump;
Casing dimensions to EN 22858/ISO 2858;
Complemented by size 40-25-125 and 40-25-160.

Mechanical Seals:

The main construction material of the mechanical seal is silicon carbide. No other material offers better corrosion and wear resistance.

MUNSCH REA F single mechanical seal:
Stationary and rotating seal rings fabricated from silicon carbide; the spring is encapsulated in fluoroplastics.

MUNSCH REA F/D double mechanical seal:
Product-side stationary and rotating seal rings fabricated from silicon carbide, atmosphere-side stationary seal ring made of carbon; stainless steel spring.

Shaft sleeve:
Fluoroplastics-coated stainless steel.

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