Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Trans Environmental Systems, Inc. (TESI)

Closeable Center System


This system is designed for situations where you bottom load or unload tank cars or when your top unloading is done with a suction method. This is because there is a low probability that spilled liquid will run down the sides of the tank car and dribble outboard of the rails. Since no side pans outboard of the rails are supplied, the hinged deflection flip-flaps are attached to the sidewalls of this center pan. This extends the protected area out to 4 inches beyond the head of the rail when they are extended after the tank car is chocked. Like the center pan of the Full Closeable System, the rolling lid can be open just enough to collect any dribbles or it can be completely opened for easy cleaning. This model has four, plugged NPT coupling hubs on the ends so that they can be piped to auxiliary large volume containment if required. The 20-ft long model will self-contain approximately 250 gallons* of liquid.

* for tracks less than 7.0 inches ‘top of rail’, the 20 foot center pan will hold less than 250 gallons.
U.S. Patent #5,975,332
Canadian Patent #2,217,629

  • 10 ft., 20 ft. lengths (can be combined to make longer collector areas)
  • Center Pan lids roll out on a guide rail system.
  • Easy to install, Lag bolts directly down to railroad ties. No track modification is needed.
  • Only one center pan is needed per Tank car loading or unloading position.
  • Modifications: Enlarged end drains or bottom drains, multi-pan connections for longer area coverage.
  • Model Available in Materials and coatings to Meet Most Every Chemical Exposure.
  • Mild Steel with Epoxy Coating
  • Mild Steel with Acid Resistant Coating
  • Cor-Ten Steel
  • Stainless Steel

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