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S2S Industries is an authorized reseller for Paxxo Longopac® and Longofill products. It was designed to minimize all the inconveniences brought by the screenings, grit and sludge handling, such as the mess, spillage and risk for unhealthy bacteria and bad odor. For sewage treatment plants, whatever their size might be, the handling of screenings, grit and sludge is a recognized environmental and health problem. Even with the progress made during the last decades, principally improving ventilation in most of the screening and press buildings, there is still a risk for a high concentration of bacteria and fungus spores to develop. These factors can have an impact on the air quality, and lead to an unhealthy work environment resulting in increased probability for chronic asthma, allergies and diseases in the pulmonary tissues and the intestinal tract.

Longofill solves this problem in both a practical and efficient way. Longofill consists of a closed bag system, which can easily be connected to the discharge point of your machine. The screenings, grit or sludge is deposited into the continuous Longopac bag, which will also provide odor containment and help control spillage associated with the collection of wet screenings and grit. The Longopac is easy to seal and the material and odors are trapped inside the Longopac bag.

The cassette holder is manufactured in stainless steel (SS304) and ABS plastic. It is designed to fit on any discharge chute with an outside diameter of 5.9 inches (150 mm) up to 15 inches (380 mm).

The cassette is a continuous liner manufactured in environmentally sound polythene that can be incinerated without any hazards. This kind of endless bag is available in different lengths, contact us if you want to know more about it.

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