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Model HBR - Closed Circuit Cooling Towers



HBR series is suggested in plants in which the quality of the fluid to be cooled is a basic requisite (no contact with air is allowed) and where the focus is oriented on energy and water savings. All models are totally pre-assembled in our workshop.

Capacity from 80 kW to 1 MW

Distinguishing features:

  • Unique design on the market (European Patent pending)

Peculiar geometry and parallel position of the two heat exchangers; one or more reversible ventilators; gravity aluminium overpressure dampers

  • Extremely reduced consumptions

HBR is designed in order to consume the bare minimum. Within  the space of a year it exploits the most appropriate cooling method depending on the different climatic conditions

  • Maximum efficiency of wet function (summer)

The fluid flows inside the smooth tubes heat exchanger and it is cooled by evaporation. The finned tubes’ coils are in stand-by and they are located outside the saturated air flow, sucked by the ventilators

  • Maximum efficiency of dry function (winter)

The fluid flows inside the finned tubes heat exchangers and it is cooled by air. The smooth tubes’ coil is in stand-by and it is outside the warm air flow pushed by the ventilators.
Only the necessary energy for the air circulation through the finned coils is consumed.

In both cases the air flow is not influenced by the stand-by heat exchanger presence and the pressure drop is reduced.

  • Cost- effective control

The system is electronically controlled by a PLC. It can be supplied pre-wired on the unit’s side (in the factory), or it can be provided by the customer

  • Long working life

Naturally corrosion-free materials and resistant over time

  • Accessibility

Several solutions to simplify the access to the internal components; easy and total access to the coils

  • Focus on sound emissions

Several technical solutions to reduce the noise levels measured and alculated in accordance with ISO 3744 and EN 13487 standards.

Constructional features

Directly coupled axial motor-fan group/s (reversible fan/s), low installed power, low noise levels

IP56 motors

Casing made of FRP sandwich panels, thickness 22 mm. Metal frame in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication (galvanization process in accordance with UNI EN ISO 1461-99 regulation, thickness not inferior to 80 micron)

Totally corrosion-free water distribution system equipped with non-clogging PP spray nozzles

Heat exchanger coils made of smooth tubes in hot dip galvanized steel after fabrication (also available in stainless steel)

Heat exchanger, finned tubes coils made of  copper and aluminium

Certified PP drift eliminators (entrainment 0,01%)

Basin with sloping base entirely made of FRP.

LOAD BEARING STRUCTURE in high thickness, hot dip galvanised steel (galvanisation process in accordance with UNI EN ISO 1461-99 standard, thickness not inferior to 80 micron).

CASING consisting of 22 mm thick polyester resin sandwich panels reinforced with fibreglass with gelcoat for UV-protection.
Sealing between the load bearing structure and the panels is guaranteed by a special bituminous sealing gasket.
In order to access the internal cooling coil, it is possible to equip the unit with totally removable walls (located on the long sides).

NUTS AND BOLTS in stainless steel AISI 304.

COOLING COIL/S consisting of high quality steel tubes, fitted into a support frame made of steel profiles: the whole assembly is hot-dip galvanised after fabrication.
During manufacture every single circuit is carefully checked and tested. The slope of the tubes ensures the complete discharge of the fluid and the outlet connections are placed in line with the bottom of the outlet header to avoid “dead zones”.

FINNED TUBES COIL/S in copper and aluminium

FAN DECK/S depending on the model and on the version:

  • Entirely in FRP, adequately structured and reinforced, with gelcoat for UV-protection.
  • In non-slip stretched metal sheet, walkable, hot dip galvanized after fabrication

Every fan deck is equipped with an adequately sized fan ring, in FRP or galvanized metal sheet, with such a shape as to minimise vortex and air pressure drops. The axial fan, directly coupled with the electric motor, is located inside the ring.

AXIAL FAN SYSTEM (reversible fan/s) made of:

  • One or more hot-dip galvanised steel after fabrication motor support7s
  • Low rpm axial fan/s with blades in plastic material connected to central aluminium hub directly coupled to the motor
  • One or more three-phase electric motor/s, sealed execution (IP56), without ventilation, with back closing shield, multi-voltage (230/400 - 400/690 V) and multi-frequency (50-60 Hz), with  tropicalized windings, class F insulation

FAN PROTECTION GRID in stainless steel AISI 304

ELECTRICAL ISOLATOR (lockable), located on the tower casing, for emergency stops, box IP65

DRIFT ELIMINATORS, high efficient, certified by EUROVENT, consisting of three folds PP sheets, thermoformed under vacuum and welded together to form panels of such shape and size as to guarantee maximum efficiency of droplet separation from the airflow drawn by the fan.

WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM made of  PVC pipes and connectors complete with flanged connection, entirely made of plastic material, consisting in a main header and branches with non-clogging, spray nozzles.
This system grants a perfect and even perfusion of the coil, and therefore an optimal performance.
The non-clogging nozzles are made of isotactic polypropylene with full cone (120° angle) spraying.

WATER RECIRCULATION PUMP for the spray-water of the evaporative cooling circuit, connected by a PVC piping to the water distribution system, external to the coil and the basin.

WATER COLLECTION BASIN entirely in fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP), equipped as standard with a sloping base with rounded corners for easy cleaning operations, complete with water, drain, make-up and overflow connections.
The basin is a separate component which is fixed to a hot-dip galvanised steel after fabrication frame, which includes the removable FRP louvers.

All models are available in the following special versions:

  • SILENT/SUPER SILENT – different technical solutions to reduce the noise
  • INOX – heat exchanger coils available in stainless steel

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