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Model CM Series - Carbon Monoxide Monitor



A carbon monoxide monitor is strongly recommended by OSHA and CSA for all breathing air applications. The Pionox Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor is designed to meet the OSHA and CSA standards for the detection of carbon monoxide in compressed air systems. The Pionox CO Monitor continuously monitors the compressed air line for CO concentration and activates an audible and visible alarm should the contaminant level rise above the preset alarm point.

  • · Highly reliable electro-chemical sensor – the most advanced sensor available for the detection of carbon monoxide. Accuracy to within ±1% with quick response time. Sensor is capable of detecting carbon monoxide levels as low as 1 PPM.
  • · Digital readout – easy to read digital readout designed to accurately display carbon monoxide levels in PPM.
  • · Audible and visible alarm – audible alarm rated at 100 dB @ 1 foot and visual warning light to alert user that carbon monoxide concentration has reached an unacceptable level.
  • · Adjustable alarm set point – alarm set point is fully field adjustable from 5 PPM to 50 PPM (factory set at 10 PPM unless specified).
  • · Air flow indicator – allows simple and accurate measurement of air flow across sensor.
  • · Alarm mute switch – allows muting of horn once the alarm has sounded.
  • · NEMA 12 electrical.
  • · NEMA 4
  • · Remote digital readout and alarm
  • · Highly visible strobe warning light
  • · 1.0 CUFT or 3.6 CUFT calibration kit
  • · 1.0 CUFT or 3.6 CUFT calibration gas
  • · NiCad battery with charger
  • · <P'Cooling option for high temperature areas </P'

  • · CM = Pionox CO Monitor
  • · CMA = Pionox with Auto-Cal without case
  • · CMAC = Pionox with Auto-Cal in carrying case

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