Construcciones Metálicas de Obturación (CMO)

- Model LR Series - Flanged or Wafer Butterfly Damper Valve



Flanged or wafer butterfly damper valve. This valve is equal to the type MF with the difference that instead of one disc the valve is composed by several blades. The valve is manufactured with welded construction. Manufactured with different kinds of tightness depending the customer requirements (100% tight, 99,5% tight o 98,5% tight). Fabrication materials: S275JR carbon steel, HII carbon steel, 16MO3 carbon steel, different stainless steel qualities (aisi 304, 316, 310 ...). Depending the application.

Pneumatic transports, exahust gas control on chimineis, exhaust gas control on combustion proccesses, gas turbina exhaust gas control ... Actuators: Manual, pneumatic, electric ... Working pressure: According to the standard manufacturing way these valves are designed to resist 0,5 kg/cm2 at ambient temperature.

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