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Eliopig s.r.l.

Model CMV2000 - Automatic Unit



CMV2000: Automatic unit of green corn plants (mash). Automatically calculates the quantities as needed daily. Management of 4 timetables and 4 recipes.

Our objectives are the:

  • Reduce the amount of nitrogen in the sewage and the hectares of SAU needed for use in agriculture.
  • Optimize waste energy available.
  • Rationalize the electricity used.
  • Do not produce waste.
  • Respect the limits of emissions into air.

The nitrogen stripping plant can reduce from 70% to 90% the amount of ammonia present in the digestate by separating the solid fraction of slurry (<0.1 mm), the exhaust air / liquid in counter contact tower and to provide for later recovery of ammonia by adsorption on sulfuric acid solution in a scrubber with the production of ammonium sulphate. The stripping plant consists essentially of two columns: the first devoted to the stripping of ammonia by hot air, the second absorption of ammonia stripped.

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