TPI - Tecno Project Industriale

TPI - Tecno Project Industriale

CO2 - Capture Plant



To effectively produce food grade, ISBT compliant CO2 or simply to remove this by product, choose a modular TPI CO2-Capture Plant. Operates with simple and reliable solvent technology.

TPI’s engineering offers you:

  • CO2 Food grade ISBT compliant
  • Indipendent CO2, no logistic problems
  • Cost savings from inhouse production
  • High reliability, continuous production
  • Skid mounted, fast installation
  • Full automatic management


How TPI’ system works

From boiler or engines’ flue gases, methane or BIOGAS, steam reforming or hydrocarbon streams, where CO2 volume is between 5% and 70%, TPI is able to design a customized solution or offer a standard unit to meet and exceed your requirements.

TPI’s technology is built on traditional amine based solvents (MEA, DEA or MDEA enhanced with special additives) as well as hot carbonate processes and other licensed solvents.

Coupled with state-of-the-art proprietary design, TPI’ plants also achieve a reduced regeneration steam consumption, less solvent degradation and provide an energy efficient design.

Where removal of CO2 is a major concern to reduce environmental impact of fossil fuels, TPI has proved the technology and the performance of TPI’s CO2-Capture Plants.

Several TPI plants already operate at different fossil fuels power plants already providing food grade CO2 at lowest possible cost.

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