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Both on a national and international level, horticulturists are beginning to discover the benefits of using the COdiNOx® installation. This flue gas cleaner ensures that the flue gases from a CHP gas engine are converted into virtually pure air, which can then be used immediately for CO2 fertilisation. A sustainable solution that leads to noticeably higher production levels. The introduction of the COdiNOx® system in 1993 by Hanwel Environment & Energy was a world first. Continuing client-oriented developments have meant that we have been the world market leader in these systems for over 20 years.

Increase your production levels

Using a COdiNOx® flue gas cleaning installation offers you, the horticulturist, a considerable number of extra benefits compared to conventional CO2 dosing techniques. A CHP using a COdiNOx® installation will result in:

- approx. 40% increase in production in your greenhouse;

- considerably less heat produced per kg of CO2, resulting in less heat wastage;

- substantial savings on energy costs without any adverse effects on the CO2 dosing;

- more flexibility with regard to optimising your own energy needs.

Lower CO2 costs

CO2 costs take up a large portion of any firm’s annual overall costs. By fitting a COdiNOx® flue gas cleaning installation you will pay considerably less per kg of CO2 than if you were to use a CO2 dosing system. Even when you allow for the extra initial and other associated costs. Would you like to find out what you could save by using a COdiNOx® flue gas cleaning installation? We will do the math for you.

COdiNOx® IMCC All-in-one synergy through client-oriented innovation

Many years of client-oriented innovation has resulted in the COdiNOx® IMCC All-in-one concept. This advanced system combines experience and feedback from the market with the most modern of techniques. The COdiNOx® IMCC All-in-one concept is compact in size and uses the 'plug-and-play principle'. This will mean savings on space and installation costs, and assembly and installation on location will reduce the level of possible risk. This will make your project much more manageable.

Compact in size, cost-efficient

All of the flue gas components come in one single casing. This compact size reduces the engineering and transport costs, will save you space, and simplify project planning. As most of the work involves prefabrication, there will be less risk during installation and your project will be much more manageable. 

Improved catalytic converter technology

Hanwel Environment & Energy and its partners are continually investing in research into new materials and more efficient production processes. Thanks to our commitment to innovation, horticulturists around the globe are showing improved performance levels and reduced counterpressure. Lower counterpressure means a longer fatigue life, higher returns on your investment and savings on maintenance costs for your gas engine. 

NOx-Raw measuring principle: foresight means control

The NOx-Raw measuring principle anticipates variations in the flue gas flow from the gas engine within milliseconds. A major advance in process management and output stability, without any adverse effect on the quality or supply of CO2. With its greater bandwidth, the NOx-Raw measuring principle offers you more flexibility in terms of capacity.

COdiNOx® World-wide

Improved techniques and expertise mean that our installations meet all horticultural standards with ease. Good to know: our specialists possess the knowledge and experience required to fit your installation so that it meets even the most stringent of environmental regulations anywhere in the world. Not surprisingly, COdiNOx® installations are to be found in all of the leading horticultural regions around the world.

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