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‘Becophase’ Liquid-Liquid Coalescers - For liquid/liquid separations we can offer either, Plate and Knitted Mesh coalescers in a wide range of materials. Depending upon the requirement they can be used solely or in combination to separate a wide range mechanically induced emulsions. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic materials are available to achieve desired separation results. All separator packs are built to customer specifications or performance requirements and designed for high efficiency and long reliable service. Turnkey packaged liquid/liquid separator systems are also available.

‘BECOPHASE’ Mono-Filament Knitted Mesh Coalescers
are best suited for finer separations and lower velocity flow regimes. In water/hydrocarbon separations they are capable of reducing oil concentrations from 500 ppm to as low as 15ppm. Available in numerous metallic materials such as 304SS, 316SS and Monel they can be fitted into a “pack” to accommodate any new or existing vessel configuration.

‘BECOPHASE’ Multi-Filament Knitted Mesh Coalescers
offer an even finer separating ability with certain emulsions. These coalescers are manufactured by introducing higher efficiency yarns such as Fibreglass, PTFE, or Dacron on metal substrates such as Stainless Steel or Monel. A multi-filament knitted mesh coalescer can separate the same 500 ppm of hydrocarbons in water down to as low as 5 ppm.

'BECOPHASE' Corrugated Plate Coalescers
are best suited for higher velocity flow regimes, liquids with entrained solids and larger droplet sizes 40 microns and above. Their rugged construction is plug and foul resistant. Platepacks are available in a variety of materials, contours and spacings to optimize separating performance. To optimize your liquid /liquid separations contact your BEGG, COUSLAND separations specialist. We can assist you in determining the right materials, and constructions to optimize your liquid/liquid separations.

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