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MeeGaa Substrates is a specialist in the supply and application of fine and coarse coir. We have our own coir factories in Sri Lanka and India, as well as in other countries. Not only do we import coir for our own use, we also supply it to companies at home and abroad.

Production ProcessCoir is procured by cutting the outer part of the coconut (the husk) into pieces and then processing it into various fractions and fibres. This production process takes place in India. The various fractions and fibres are then stored for six months in order to prevent the process of settling. This will give the product a natural ‘age’. The coir is then thermally dried so that the structure remains intact.

The production process is strictly monitored whereby all coir supplied by us receives the RHP hallmark. The coir also undergoes chemical and other various controls in the Netherlands in order to guarantee that it is poor of weeds.

The advantages of coirCoir serves as an excellent replacement for peat. In cultivation where it is important to keep the substrate (temporarily) dry, coir provides quick and effortless rehumidification. Coir prevents loss of water and nutrients, and it also prevents pots from floating.

MeeGaa Substrates delivers so-called Shakti coir. This product has the following advantages:

  • buffered adsorption complex
  • high air percentage
  • good water buffer
  • high stability and good structure
  • Poor of weeds

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