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- Model 1400 Series - Coating


Curran 1400 Series is an advanced coating system derived from a novel technology that combines, on a molecular level, both organic and inorganic molecules to provide a thermally stable highly cross – linked structure. It offers superior broad range chemical resistance from sub ambient to elevated temperatures in excess of 374°F (190'C), after only an ambient cure. The cured coating has excellent sliding abrasion resistance coupled with a very smooth finish that enhances fluid flow and prevents sludge build up. Curran 1400 Series can be steam cleaned at temperatures exceeding 374'F (190'C).

Solvent-free, two component, hybridized epoxy Offering temperature resistance from -94°F (-70'C) to + 374°F (190°C) immersed and (482'F)+250°C non-immersed. Resists thermal cycling.

Excellent broad range chemical resistance.

  • Resists dissolved H,S at high temperatures
  • Superior alternative to thermal spray aluminisation.
  • Combats CUI “Corrosion under Insulation”.
  • Single coat application
  • Cures at ambient temperature.

Can be cleaned using high temperature steam.
Can be used to repair damaged equipment.

Chemical tanks, process vessels, evaporators, scrubber units, heat exchangers, condensers, distillation units autoclaves, sulphur recovery units, sour gas treating units,. Internal and external coating of pipe – work, pumps and valves. External coating of equipment operating from sub ambient to high temperatures suffering from CUI such as insulated pipes/spools and process vessels. Possibility of application to hot surfaces while equipment is operational.

  • Abrasion Resistance: ASTM O 4060
  • 20mg weight loss (tabor CS - 17/1kg/1000 cycles)
  • Impact resistance: ASTM G14
  • Forward: 13 Joules
  • Reverse: 3 Joules
  • Adhesive Strength: ASTM 04541
  • 29.3 MPa (cohesive failure)
  • Elongation to break: BS 6319 Part 7 1985 1.8 o/
  • Temperatures Resistance: NACE TM0174
  • 374°F (+190°C) Immersed
  • 482°F (+250°C) Non Immersed

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