Cochet S.A.

- Model GP 130 - Backhoe



Backhoe adaptable to any tractor 14hp or over Digging depth : 1m30. Break out power : 900 Kg. Weight : 300 Kg. Hydraulic plant with a 30 litres tank. 6 elements distributor with safety valve, 2 joysticks controller. Independent hydraulic stabilisers. Over-hang : 0m60. Mechanical locking of the offset. 180° rotation with two jacks. Mechanical locking for the transport. Digging bucket of 0m30.

  • Independent stabilisation feet with fall-prevention valve
  • Double rotation jacks with stroke end braking 180' rotation with two jacks with a speed regulation
  • Hydraulic plant: oil tank integrated in the backhoe chassis
  • High-standing hydraulic distributor:
  • 4 control sticks with a safety locking -Anti-shock/ anti cavitation safety valves are integrated
  • Over-hang: 0m60
  • Semi-rigid assembling is optional (strongly advised to block vertically the hoe during the work. Protects the lift arms too)
  • Rigid assembling optional for tractors which have been studied for

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