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Micro Tester Pro kits are designed for users who need to conduct multiple tests. A sample cup is filled and a stand-alone ampoule is placed in the cup tip down, the tip is snapped and sample water automatically fills the ampoule. The test may be run manually by observing a color change in the ampoule or by placing the ampoule inside a chamber in the Autoanalyzer instrument and reading a CFU count on an LCD screen.

Using the water to be tested, rinse the Sample/Snapping Cup 3 times and then fill with sample water.Place the tip of the test ampoule down into one of the slots in the bottom of the filled Sample/Snapping Cup and pull bac k on the top to break the ampoule tip. The test ampoule will automatically fill with the sample water.Gently rock the filled test ampoule back and forth for 30 seconds (longer if the sample is cold water) to mix the test reagent. After mixing, place ampoule in ampoule sleeve or optional  Carry/Incubation Tube and incubate at 950. Periodically compare the ampoule color to the color chart to view results, or select a control limit and check once. If utilizing the instrument, place ampoule(s) in test chamber(s) and run test.

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