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Colloid Nanosilver

Nano-silver particles has the inherit trait of being a strong anti-bacterial agent. This is due to tendencies for nano-silver to absorb the oxygen atom on its surface area, thus the ability to interact and oxidize with the microbe's surface protein (-SH functional group), ultimately destroying the bacteria. It is especially effective against the Escherichia coli, Staphylococcusaureus, various fungus and countless other disease born micro-organisms. Nano-silver is very different from normal anti-bacterial agents on the market. It has far superior anti-bacterial effects and is odorless, non-toxic and hypo allergenic. It does not require activation with specific light spectrum and is unaffected by the PH level within the host solution. 

Nano-silver can emit infrared in the 4 to 400 nanometer wavelength which has the desirable effect of improving micro-circulation, elevating the human immune system, increase skin elasticity, reducing joint pains and elevating the body oxygen content. It also perform very well as a deodorizer, effectively removing bio or chemical odors.

Dilute the nano-silver solution in filtered water and use it as a spray directly on masks, seat covers, walls, restrooms, closet, kitchen, carpets, furniture, shoes, hats, clothes, desk surfaces to activate its anti-bacterial action. Our special formulation allows application and adhesion on special surfaces such as glass, PVC, EVA, Ceramic, Textile and metal for extended disinfecting effects. Due to its long term antibacterial effects, nano-silver imbued products provides the general consumer a better product and elevate the manufacturers' competitive edge.

  • Viral exterior and RNA combined such as HAV (hepatitis A) and poliomyelitis viruses.
  • Viral exterior and an outer shell such as DNA based such as herpes virus.
  • Helical column shaped with an outer shell such as the virus that causes the common cold.

According to the Russian Biotech labs, nanosilver has properties that can destroy the A and B type virus that causes the common code as well as the HAV virus. In additional in 2003, a prominent Japanese biotech new releases indicated that nanosilver disinfectants has proven to very effective against the SARS virus. When the nanosilver concentration is between 93.75 and 187.5 ppm, contact with SARS virus in room temperature has resulted in 100% destruction of the SAR virus. This proves that nanosilver solutions are effective at even low concentrations. Other evidences leads to identifying nanosilver as an effective anti-viral agent for multiple types of viruses.

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