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Color Posters of Activated Sludge Microorganisms


Add color and interest to your microscope work with an attractive full color poster of activated sludge microorganisms. This 24' 36' chart has 50 photographs of protozoa and metazoa found in activated sludge. Most of the common genera are represented. Organisms are grouped by type; flagellates, amoebas, swimming ciliates, crawling ciliates, stalked ciliates, suctorians, rotifers, worms, and other microscopic animals. Genera level names appear under each photo.

This poster is a must for wastewater microbiology courses and environmental biology topics. You can illustrate the extraordinary complexity of micro life to students, visitors, and friends with this chart. You can also point out the distinguishing characteristics of microorganisms with this effective educational tool.

Microorganism Description Pages
If you want additional information on activated sludge microorganisms, these description pages have what you have been seeking. Each page has a 3' 5' photo, graphical illustrations, and a detailed description of the organism, its food supply, and its use as an indicator of plant conditions and effluent quality. Description pages use color graphics, and color DIC photographs. They can be supplied on premium glossy paper, premium ink jet paper, or color transparency film.

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