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Recently we have introduced our own novel non-platinum CO combustion promoter, NOZONE, which has shown to effectively replace conventional platinum based CO promoter on a 1:1 basis as well as reduce NOx emissions from the regenerator by up to 50%. Rather than just a few hundred ppm of active metals, NOZONE contains a combination of metals (all environmentally acceptable and of course no platinum) to more than 4 wt%, providing a system that is highly selective to the oxidation of carbon, but much less so to nitrogen.

With a metals loading almost 100 times higher than that of conventional CO promoter, NOZONE is better suited for environments with challenging conditions for CO combustion, such as FCCU regenerators with poor air distribution and those with lead (Pb) excursions. Some refiners who process Russian crudes report cases where unusually high lead content in the crude has caused rapid deactivation of platinum based CO combustion promoters in just minutes.

In situations such as these, NOZONE is a very cost effective replacement for platinum. This product is readily available for delivery to any location and is attractively priced.

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