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- Model HX/GMP - Horizontal Peeler Centrifuge


The horizontal peeler centrifuge HX/GMP is designed for typical pharmaceutical applications. The HX/GMP centrifuge can be used for a production of intermediate and especially finished synthesis products, where it is absolutely necessary to avoid the contact between product and operator. It's also possible to have a completely sterilizable version with vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP system). Maximum purity of discharged products (API and HPAPI).

  • Full access and inspection to the parts in the process zone, including rear of the basket and shaft seal;
  • High level surface finishing for the cleaning of process zone;
  • Design cGMP con eliminazione delle zone di ristagno del prodotto e minima presenza di viti e filetti all’interno della camera di processo;
  • Design cGMP with elimination of product stagnation zones and minimum presence of screws and threads within the process chamber;
  • Complete cleaning  (Clean In Place – C.I.P. system) in changing from one production campaign to another to avoid 'cross contamination' between products. This makes the machine suitable for multi-purpose applications. WME (Washing Machine Effect)and spray balls are used
  • The centrifuge can be sterilized with steam or Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP system)
  • Work cycle (from the loading phase to the discharge phase) where the operator cannot come in contact with the treated product; solids discharge with “High Containment” (continuous liner, isolator, …)
  • The centrifuge can work in the following operating modes, while it is controlled by PLC and DCS: fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual;
  • Possibility of easy through-the-wall installation (in clean room);
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Installation directly on the floor on anti-vibration dampers;
  • FDA oil bearings lubrication for all models;
  • Knife blade fixed without use of bolts and with design suitable to the maximum recovery of solids discharged and protection of the discharge chute;
  • The horizontal basket ensures a uniform load of the cake;
  • Complete removal of the residual heel cake via a nitrogen pressure system from the external part of the basket (“blow back”) with optimization of the nitrogen consumption
  • Solids discharge chute with an inclination to the vertical of 30° to 36° (depending on the model). This allows an easier discharge, especially for pasty products
  • Dismantling of shaft and bearings from the rear side of the machine (service area) without contaminating the clean room;
  • The endless filter cloth, thermo-welded, in polypropylene or other tissues of various sizes and micrometrie, is easily replaceable;
  • Possibility to install a laser cake detector  external to the process chamber (“no contact type”);
  • Materials in contact with the product: all stainless steels and special alloys available, such as AISI 316L, AISI 904L, Hastelloy, Monel, ALLOY 59, 254 SMO, NICKEL, TITANIUM, SAF 2205. HALAR coatings (ECTFE), also antistatic and FDA certificated, Teflon ETFE, HARD RUBBER

The solid-liquid suspension is fed from the loading pipe into the centrifuge and under the action of centrifugal force it moves towards the filter cloth, placed on a perforated basket. The solid part of the suspension is retained by the filter cloth forming a cake, while the liquid filters through the cake and the cloth and is discharged through the holes of the basket. The growth of the cake thickness is controlled by a mechanical or laser detector, which can automatically stop the loading phase when the desired cake thickness is reached.

Cake washing
The washing of the product is used to remove any impurities present in the cake. The washing liquid is distributed on the product, along the entire length of the basket, through nozzles suitably distributed on the washing pipe. The liquid passes through the product, purifying it, and then passes from the filter cloth and the holes of the basket.

Once completed the washing phase, the centrifuge is accelerated to the maximum speed and maintained for a given time to achieve the level of residual humidity of the product in processing. At the end of the centrifugation, the centrifuge decelerates to the discharge speed.

The discharge takes place by means of the scraping knife. After reaching the discharge speed, the knife increment command is activated and the knife starts cutting the cake conveying the product into the discharge chute and from it to the product collection systems (drums, bin, dryers, mixers).

Heel cake removal
At the end of the product discharge phase, a heel cake of about 4÷5 mm remains on the filtering cloth. This heel cake can be removed, to improve the filterability of the product, through the high-pressure nitrogen blow from the rear part of the basket. The removed product is collected by the knife, positioned close to the filter cloth, and conveyed through the chute into the collection systems.
Centrifuge cleaning (CIP)
The centrifuge should be cleaned at every change of product to avoid 'cross-contamination' between the processed products. The centrifuge cleaning system, fully automated, is composed by 2 main stages: Washing Machine Effect and cleaning with spray balls, which can be alternated to achieve maximum cleaning and to optimize the consumption of the cleaning liquid.

Washing Machine Effect (WME)
The centrifuge is filled with the washing liquid up to a predetermined height and is put in rotation. During the sequence of the automatic washing the basket rotates clockwise and counterclockwise; the knife goes in and out so that the washing liquid reaches all the points of the process area, including the discharge chute. 

Cleaning with spray balls
The washing liquid is sprayed through spray balls on all the surfaces of the process area to completely remove the residues of product still present.

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